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Shoonya Protect enables the highest level of security for enterprise devices using a full-stack platform consisting of Hardware, OS, and Cloud that work in cohesion to ensure full-stack security

Android is currently dominating the platform for enterprises for device migration which has its share of problems
Hardware manufacturers do not provide regular security updates leaving over 70% of Android-driven devices with older versions that are susceptible to serious vulnerabilities
With various device manufacturers compiling and building many Android OS devices that enterprises use, malware, spyware, and other risk factors need to be considered
Although MDM(Mobile Device Management) is being used to manage device fleets, it is often ineffective in monitoring vital security breaches and intrusion through these corporate-owned devices
MDM & Endpoint security Solution
  • Mobile devices management solutions are focused on user accounts
  • Cannot take operating system level action
  • Cannot protect devices at the hardware layer
  • Cannot patch the device to mitigate security vulnerabilities
  • Shoonya focuses on device as an Identity
  • can take deep OS and Kernel level action based on policies and restriction
  • Shoonya device update solution can patch security vulnerability with a secure OTA update
Shoonya Protect has various features which can change the way enterprise devices operate
Enhanced Network Security and Monitoring
With hardened kernel and boot loader, Shoonya OS protects from unauthorised device tampering
Automatic device lockdown rules
ShoonyaOS enables you to lockdown a device anytime when you think the device is being attacked or there are behaviour anomalies
Hardware-based Root of Trust
The protective hardware provides a trusted execution environment, the tamper protection is present and available for the entire time with a flexible and a simple user interface the clients can interact with
Full Disk Encryption
All the data present is completely encrypted against attacks including the programme that encrypts the bootable OS partition
Hardened at the Kernel and Firmware Level
The system is secured by reducing its surface of vulnerability
Full Security lockdown based on cloud-based policy
Shoonya platform helps you assign policies to one or multiple devices based on the requirement to enable specific functionalities on devices
Intelligent attack Surface Reduction
We reduce the entry points available to untrusted users and eliminate the service request by relatively few users
Dependable Hardware
Shoonya enables enterprises to handpick hardware components from verified, vetted vendors and ODMs leading the way to build uncompromisingly secure hardware endpoints
Secure OS
Touchscreen OS that is made hardened at Bootloader, OS and kernel levels
Device Update
Firmware over the air update, delivering monthly security patches, keeping device always protected. An updated device is a secure device. Updating devices against known vulnerabilities areis the best defensedefence against hacks
Device Cloud
Providing device cloud solution that lets enterprises configure, deploy and manage all devices
Threat Defense
Monitor devices for plies, privilege escalation, kernel, and hardware integrity