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Shoonya Protect provides industry's first full-stack security solution for purpose-built devices
At Shoonya, we believe that mobile devices for consumers and enterprises have entirely different purposes. Shoonya Protect enables enterprises to customize devices from the ground up. Hardware, operating system and the cloud can all be modified to an enterprise’s use case and vertical. Shoonya Protect enables enterprises to customize devices specifically to their own uses.
Shoonya Protect guarantees the highest level of security for enterprise devices by using a full-stack platform that consists of trusted hardware, secure OS and an intelligent device cloud all working together to ensure comprehensive security.
Shoonya Protect offers

Trusted Hardware

Securing trusted hardware is an ever-present challenge as widespread low-end hardware is prone to various security concerns. Shoonya helps enterprises select hardware components, vendors, and ODMs, facilitating them to build a network of trusted hardware endpoints. As a result, Shoonya can provide protection against device integrity failures like rooting.
Shoonya Trusted Hardware
Shoonya Secure Mobile OS

Secure Mobile OS

A modular, secure operating system optimized for purpose-built devices. Always up-to-date with the latest security patches, Shoonya offers multiple layers of unmatched security and agility to create a highly secured software environment and a trustworthy platform for enterprise devices.
Shoonya Secure Mobile OS ensures:
  • That Kernel and OS are hardened
  • Consistent security patch updates
  • Automatic lockdown rules are activated in case of a breach
  • Intelligent surface reduction to avoid attacks

Intelligent Device Cloud

Enterprises require cloud services to preserve their data, to analyze device activity and to stay informed about the security and health of their deployed devices.
Shoonya Intelligent Device Cloud offers:
  • Configuration, deployment and management of devices at scale
  • Analyzing of connectivity (Wifi & LTE) failures
  • Monitoring for battery and charging issues along with memory and storage failures
Shoonya Intelligent Device Cloud
Shoonya Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Enterprises are able to configure their devices and install their software but irregularly update their security and trust their inbuilt software to automatically update security patches, which lets them assume that their devices are secure. This lapse yields various security issues and complications within devices, such as behavioral anomalies, data breaches, out-of-date operating systems and device integrity risks, among others.
Shoonya Endpoint Security ensures:
  • Edge devices are protected against various vulnerabilities
  • Endpoint security via a proprietary layered security approach
  • Behavioral anomaly detection via full-device scans that include hardware, OS and applications
Mobile Device Management vs Shoonya
Mobile Device Management
  • MDM is focused on user accounts
  • Cannot control OS/Bootloader
  • Cannot talk to the hardware layer of the device
  • Cannot update the operating system to fix security issues
  • Shoonya focuses on device as an identity
  • OS can be customized based on use case and vertical
  • Ability to take deep OS and Kernel level action based on policies and restriction
Shoonya Protect currently supports the below form factors
Payment Devices
Phones and Tablet
Retail & Logistics Devices (Rugged)