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Shoonya Solutions
Shoonya Secure Manufacturing guarantees that a device is secure and healthy before enterprises deploy it in the field. Shoonya ensures that devices use optimum hardware components and that the latest security patches are applied at the kernel and firmware level.

Enterprise security configuration is automatically applied during the first boost, which guarantees that devices are compliant and protected from zero-day vulnerabilities. Shoonya’s intelligent device cloud monitors health and security post-deployment and alerts of any anomaly in device behavior.
Shoonya Hardware Design

Hardware Design

  • Chipset and schematic design review
  • BOM Analysis
  • Supply verification & analysis
  • Design sample verification


  • Factory line verification
  • Checking for backdoor entry vulnerabilities
  • Detecting hardware anomalies and faulty chipset design
Firmware and OS

Firmware and OS

  • Secure key burning
  • Kernel and Firmware optimization
  • Shoonya certified and signed Android ROMs
  • Always updated with latest security patches

Security Cloud

  • Monitors the device from the first deployment
  • Analyzing anomalies in device behavior and alerting enterprises of security risks
  • Suggesting risk mitigation strategies
Security Cloud